Rankings As At 27 August 2017

Ranking Explained: At the end of 2016 all teams, whose information was available was ranked and points awarded according to their position on our lists. This was used as a basis for our 1stXV rankings. Schools who win will earn points for their victory with their opponents losing the same amount of points. It can, however, result in a school winning but still dropping in the rankings depending on the teams in front of and behind the school's results.

In order to make the ranking a "true" reflection of the school's real strength, a winning team can still lose points if they played a school with far fewer points than themselves. In order to properly assess a school's 1stXV performance, the points gained/loss during the season would be better criteria to use rather than to use their actual place in the rankings.

Points are calculated to four decimals after the comma but due to limited space, only two are displayed in rankings.