VirSeker Final Divisions Announced

The Noordvaal Committee who is responsible for the administration of the VirSeker Competition's structure has announced the final structure of the first division of this competition.

A meeting was held where the schools could vote for one of three possible scenarios.

1) Maintain the status quo.

2) Expand the Plate and Shield competitions to also have nine schools competing. Marais Viljoen would still be promoted to the Cup competition with Transvalia being relegated to the Plate competition. Lichtenburg would have been promoted to the Plate competition while two schools from the Second Division promoted to the Plate competition.

3) All division to be competed by eight schools resulting in Transvalia demoted to the Plate division, Eldoraigne relegated to the Shield Division and Centurion relegated to Division 2 of the VirSeker Competition.

It was decided to maintain the status quo for 2020 with the final structure as follow:

Cup: 1. Menlopark, 2. Garsfontein, 3. Monnas, 4. Middelburg HTS, 5. Waterkloof, 6. EG Jansen, 7. Helpmekaar, 8. Noordheuwel, 9. Marais Viljoen.

Plate: 1. Transvalia, 2. Zwartkop, 3. Rustenburg, 4. Ben Vorster, 5. Nelspruit, 6. Montana, 7. Kempton Park, 8. Middelburg.

Shield: 1. Eldoraigne, 2. Lichtenburg, 3. Heidelberg Volkies, Oos-Moot, 5. Florida, 6. Jeugland, 7. Hugenote Springs, 8. Ligbron Akademie.

Then somebody whispered in my ear that Affies will be the surprise inclusion in the Cup division in 2021.