Who Will Lift The Trophy – Helpmekaar or Menlopark?

(Photo Credit: Herman Watney/Speedshots.co.za)

Helpmekaar and Menlopark will play each other in order to be crowned as the VirSeker Cup 1stXV Champions. Helpmekaar has already had the honour to be crowned as champions in 1975, 1962 and 1938 whereas Menlopark has never tasted the sweet taste of victory in this competition.

Helpmekaar has played 18 games this season losing five, drew one and winning twelve. Since the restart of the season after the school holidays, they lost against Monnas (31-41) and Garsfontein (22-50) before making some vital changes and beating Waterkloof (36-24) and Monnas (27-22) in the semi-final last weekend.

Menlopark has played 17 games this season losing seven and winning eleven. They managed to qualify for the playoffs after upsetting Monnas (22-15) in their final league game and then whipped Garsfontein (72-40) in last weekend's semi-final.

Again I was asked who will win and after achieving a 50% pass rate last weekend I waited until the morning of the final to give my prediction.

Tight Five - Both teams have big boys upfront, all capable of handling the ball with a margin of flair BUT both being able to mixe it up. Helpmekaar did hang on against Monnas while Menlopark demolished Garsfontein upfront last weekend. My money is on Menlopark to just just have the better unit up front - Menlopark 3-0 Helpmekaar.

Loosies - Helpmekaar's loosies capabilities are well known but Menlopark impressed me endlessly last weekend in the semi's against Garsfontein. However, this one has to go to Helpmekaar, again just just. Menlopark 3-3 Helpmekaar.

Halfbacks? Helpmekaar has shown that they can be counted as one of the best in the country possessing the necessary flair to be a match-winning combination. Menlopark's unit is the more direct pair, not scared to attack the man when probing for gaps. Both teams' flyhalf has the ability to control the game with their educated boots. The direct and aggressive play of Menlo again just just take it for me. Menlopark 6-3 Helpmekaar.

Outside backs? The flair of the Helpmekaar backs is well known with some prolific try-scorers while Menlopark has shown against Garsfontein that they not only can compete at the back, they can dominate and overpower the best defensive efforts out back. I would have gone with Helpmekaar but the width of Marais Viljoen pitch was a big talking point the past few weeks which will help the team that can dominate rather than the backline with the flair. Menlopark 9-3 Helpmekaar.

Bounce of the ball? Helpmekaar's ability to create points from nothing will definately give them the edge here, they seem to be able to win a game they should not with individual brilliance shining when the opponents are in control. Menlopark 9-8.

Who wants it the most? This is the crappiest statement I ever heard. Both teams will go out there to win both teams are willing to give it all. Menlopark 9-8 Helpmekaar.

Therefore my prediction is: The more direct and aggressive Menlopark is to write their name on the trophy BUT if the ball only bounces once in favour of Helpmekaar they will be victorious.

However, it will be the highlight of all 46 boys that will run onto the fielded wearing their school's colours. They will remember today forever plus one day, and winning or losing they will make us all proud for the effort they were willing to make to lift the trophy. Let's give them the respect they have earned.

This is no paid article to motivate Helpmekaar to prove how little I know, neither was I paid to write this by Menlopark. It is just my personal opinion and I do know that if Menlopark win today their supporters will claim I was lucky and when Helpmekaar win I will be laughed at untill they play against my beloved Affies. May rugby be the winner.