Should The “Super Schools” Dump The VirSeker Competition?

Serious and valid questions are being asked regarding the continued participation by several schools in the VirSeker "Cup" competition. A competition that is being organised by a committee that is clearly out of touch with top tier schoolboy rugby and seemingly does not care. It is a known fact that the schools involved in the Cup competition were in continuous discussion since October 2018 with the management to move the playoffs to the week after the u/18 International series was played.

The finals on Saturday will see a new champion crowned but unfortunately, their Oros will be a little bit diluted well knowing that the two favourites are not there due to their players being "claimed" by SARU. Garsfontein was without six of their players, Monnas without two and Menlopark without one during the semifinals played during the past weekend.

It is well known that Garsfontein lost to Menlopark 72-40 in the one semifinal and the effect the missing five boys had on Garsfontein's performance was for all to see. The inexperience of the substitute players started to show early on, and after clinging on to a 29-19 deficit at half time the final score says everything. Menlopark was outstanding on the day BUT arguments by Garsfontein supporters will always have merit.

Helpmekaar will maintain that the two boys missing from Monnas would not have prevented their well-deserved victory. Maybe or maybe not. However, Monnas will forever and one more day claim that they lost because of ..... and their arguments will have merit.

VirSeker who is not involved in the planning of the tournament needs to take an active interest in the planning as this is, unfortunately, is having a negative effect on the competition which can not afford to lose the top tier of the competition. Taking into account that the schools does not receiving any money from the "sponsorship" and must be happy with the "exposure" they receive, the current situation could be taken advantage of by an advertiser keen to hi-jack the top tier of the VirSeker Competition which is without a doubt the top schoolboy rugby competition with an excellent structure in the country.