VirSeker Cup – The Final Winner And Loser Is Going To Be …………… ?

After the completion of Round 6 of the VirSeker Cup competition, the log did change with the fight at the top to decide who will be the winner of the Cup is as fierce as in the competition who will be relegated after the final sums were made.

Some clarity was given on the method that is used to calculate the log points and had it almost correct in our last report. You earn one log point if your 1stXV, 2ndXV, 3rdXV, u/16 A&B, u/15A&B and u/14A&B report to play on the day of the matches BUT only the 1stXV and A teams will earn their school another point if they win.

Monnas, Middelburg HTS, Helpmekaar and Noordheuwl all earned 12 log points, Menlopark, Transvalia and Garsfontein earned 10 points while EG Jansen earned 9 points during last weekend's matches.

At the top, Helpmekaar is still leading with 89 points while Monnas and Menlopark are tied in the second position with 80 points, however, one must take into account that Helpmekaar played in 7 fixtures while Monnas en Menlopark only played in 6. At the bottom, it is still a race between Transvalia, Waterkloof, EG Jansen and Noordheuwel with 4 points separating the last four schools. However, if we use the average points earned by these four schools Transvalia should end 2 points behind Waterkloof and at this stage will be relegated.

Current Standing (Matches Played in Brackets)

  1. Helpmekaar 89 (7)
  2. Menlopark 80 (6)
  3. Monnas 80 (6)
  4. Transvalia 78 (7)
  5. Middelburg HTS 77 (6)
  6. Garsfontein 72 (6)
  7. Noordheuwel 70 (6)
  8. EG Jansen 69 (6)
  9. Waterkloof 68 (6)

Standing If Using Average Points Scored To Predict Final Points

  1. Menlopark 107
  2. Monnas 107
  3. Middelburg HTS 103
  4. Helpmekaar 102
  5. Garsfonteion 96
  6. Noordheuwel 93
  7. EG Jansen 92
  8. Waterkloof 91
  9. Transvalia 89