Could This Be The Last Time?

(Photo Credit: Jorina Raath/

In what could be the last time that Boland Landbou and Stellenberg will meet on the rugby field the two sides could not be more evenly matched. History will have Boland Landbou as the favourites with Boland Landbou winning 3 of the last 4 years with Stellenberg's win in 2015 their last one.

In 2019 Boland Landbou won 7 from 11 but coming off a heavy loss against Bishops (19-53) at home. In two of the defeats against Helpmekaar (17-64) and Bishops, the boys from Boland Landbou uncharacteristically seemed to accept the loss and stopped trying.

Stellenberg lost 3 of their 11 games played in 2019 with the bounce of the ball the difference in all three their losses against Affies (21-28), Helpmekaar (8-10) and Outeniqua (10-15).

"Up front, Stellenberg is more than a match for their visitors.  Locks Tyrone Rose and Mika Cowley are the form pair in the province right now and captain Khyro van der Westhuizen on the flank is a sort of miniature version of Chuck Norris. 

The Stellies backline is richly blessed from half-backs Conwill Conradie and Nivan Petersen to centre Hedley Hadlow, wings Likho Msengana and Chappie van Schalkwyk all the way to attack-minded full-back Tharquinn Manuel.

Although the visitors do have their no. 15, Boeta Moolman, fit again, the odds are against them being afforded the luxury of too many attacking options.  It’s going to be up to the guys in the pack like Tehan du Plessis, Hen-ko Smuts and Jaunu Olivier, who will have to work like Trojans to carve out any chances." (

Hopefully, the "skinner" that Boland Landbou informed Stellenberg that this will be the last time is not true and both schools will continue this closely contested "rivalry" for many years to come. Hopefully? What I am certain of is that on Saturday the boys on both sides will leave everything they have on the field, saluting each other at the end of the game no matter who won. Let the boys play.

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