Affies Travelled To Helpmekaar …………. Affies Won 52-17


Affies travelled as the underdogs to Johannesburg knowing that Helpmekaar deserved their Top 5 position on the Rankings with the win of Helpies against Boland Landbou at the Noord Suid Festival still fresh in everybody's minds.

The game started with both sides trying to get physical dominance over their opponents. A brilliant battle raged for the first 20 minutes with Affies trying to bully Helpmekaar up front while Helpmekaar's defence not only kept Affies from scoring but also resulted in some great turnovers. The first try of the match, scored by Helpies was the result of their rush defence, capitalising on a mistake from Affies in their own 22.

Helpmekaar seemed set to win after a second try saw their lead increase to 10-0. At this stage, their loosies were king on the ground with their backline finding gaps in the defence of Affies. Affies kept on with their forward assault and slowly but surely started to take control of the match. However, the halftime score of 21-10 gave no indication of things to come.

The second half started with another try by Helpmekaar but unfortunately, that was it. The physical assault by Affies on the defence and attack took its toll and five tries later Affies walked off the field winning 52-17, leaving behind a devastated Helpmekaar.

Sorry Stoffel.

Other Results

u16A: Again not much to choose between the two teams with Affies in the lead with 14-7 at half time. The last 15-20 minutes of the game Helpmekaar was unable to stop the straight and aggressive runners of Affies. Affies winning 28-7.
u15A: A very evenly contest with Helpmekaar camping in the Affies 22 for a good 10 minutes before scoring a try to have Affies till in the lead with 14-12 at halftime. Helmekaar again scored two tries early in the second half to ensure another win. Helmekaar won 34-14.
u14 A: Helpmekaar outclassed the Affies team in all aspects of the game and the period just after halftime with the score at 10-10 Helpmekaar scored three quick tries to turn Affies hopes into nightmares. Helpmekaar wanted to play while Affies waited for Helpmekaar to play. Helpmekaar the winners with 41-17.

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