Affies vs Helpmekaar – My Money Is On …….


These two schools have played their first match in 1929 which Affies won 17-0. Helpmekaar had to wait three years to taste victory and won 6-3 in 1931. Since 1929 these two rugby powerhouses met 61 times which Affies have won 36 times with 5 matches drawn. Helpmekaar last won in 1998 which was also the last match played before the schools started to play each other again in 2014. There were no matches played in 2018 due to excessive rain on the scheduled Saturday.

The two schools are both unbeaten in 2019 with Helpmekaar admittingly looking the better team.

Affies have played six games up to now winning five and drew their game at the World School Festival against Christchurch BHS (31-31). I have been very critical when discussing the Affies' efforts on the field but must admit that I was most impressed by them with the game they played against Christchurch. They started to play a bit more conservatively using their big forwards to dominate.

Helpmekaar's efforts against Boland Landbou (64-17) at the Noord vs Suid Festival will be remembered for a long time, they played four games and also drew one against Paarl Boishaai (20-20). Helpmekaar is known for the fast and sometimes loose game they are playing but what makes them so dangerous is the fact that they have a pack of forwards in 2019 that can actually scrum and also dominate up front. This enables them to adapt their gameplan whenever needed from a fast-paced game to a structured conservative gameplan.

The game should be decided up front with Affies maybe just will have the upper hand in the front row while Helpmekaar's loosies should win the battle in the loose. Both sides have more than capable carriers of the ball up front and will punish each other if mistakes are made on defence.

Affies struggled at 10 in their last game against Christchurch at the World Schools festival and if their regular 10 has not recovered from an injury they will struggle with Helpmekaar halfback pair among the best in the country. I do think that Affies have the upper hand at the back with their two wings exceptional. But let the truth be told if Affies' backline is rated 100 Helpmekaar's would be rated at 99,8.

These two teams are so evenly matched that the bounce of the ball might just determine the winner.

P.s. Stoffel I have not forgotten the lesson I was taught at the Noord vs Suid Festival but I am sure that you will understand if my team to win is Affies. Jammer Stoffel.

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