Premier Interschools – Glenwood vs Maritzburg College Preview


Premier Interschools kicks off this weekend off with a 98-year-old rivalry when Glenwood host Maritzburgh College.

The first match took place in 1921 when Glenwood hosted Maritzburgh College and won 5-0. The two schools played each other 170 times with Maritzburg College winning 109 matches and 17 matches were drawn. Glenwood is currently unbeaten since 2010.

Glenwood is currently unbeaten in 2019 after seven matches with their win against Hilton (27-17) may be the most impressive. They took part in the World Schools Festival where their win against John McGlashan (32-17) their most impressive performance at the tournament but one must admit only Affies were really tested at the World Schools Festival.

Maritzburg College, on the other hand, has lost two of their three matches in 2019 with their loss to Northwood (26-30) the most surprising.

Glenwood will struggle this year against schools with big forwards as they do seem a bit "small" up front but as always have some fast and talented backs that will win games for them even though they might not deserve it.

Glenwood should win this one with ease unless ...............

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