February 21, 2019

Monnas’ Stephan Le Roux Say No To Craven Week Selection


Stephan Le Roux declined an opportunity to be selected for the Lions u/18 Craven Week team in order to pursue a rugby career in France later this year.

Stephan already represented the Lions u/18 Craven Week team in 2017 which was the unofficial winners of the Craven Week after beating the Sharks team in the "finals".

Stephan is replaced by E Roode from Jeppe for the trial games against the Valke at Kempton Park next Tuesday. Stephan was still a member of the A team when the Lions played a trial match against the Pumas at Monnas.

The Lions A team to play the Valke is:

Lions 1: 1. S Shuze (Marais Viljoen), 2. M Brandon (Monnas), 3. R Westraad (Monnas), 4. J White (Jeppe), 5. E Roode (Jeppe), 6. T Dullisear (Monnas), 7. F Schutte (Monnas), 8. I Esterhuizen (Monnas), 9. Z Coetzee (Monnas), 10. D Raubenheimer (Jeppe), 11. T Molotsi (KES), 12. B Tsatane (Jeppe), 13. M Manyike (Jeppe), 14. M Monteiro (Jeppe), 15. T Swanepoel (Florida)16. K Zowitsky (Jeppe), 17. J Cloete (KES), 18. S Shongwe (Jeppe), 19.E Tshituka (Northcliff), 20. L Ncusane (KES), 21. K Mokheti (Jeppe), 22. H van Wyk (Monnas), 23. S Vaise (Jeppe), 25. L Jambane (Jeppe)

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