#5 Loosehead Lock – Drafts For 2017


By Martin Bayfield - Former England and Lions Second Row

And height is also useful, particularly in the number five shirt.

Their basic roles are the same as the number four - to secure possession and, as with all the forwards, to tackle tight into the set-piece and the breakdowns.

At the line-out, the taller second row (usually wearing the five shirt) tends to be the number four-jumper.

A ball thrown to him has got further to travel and is obviously in the air longer than it would be if it was aimed at the two-jumper.

So the four-jumper has to deal with more variations in the air - you can either go forward, straight up or backwards.

But with the way the game has changed, players regularly shift around positions as the line-out is thrown.

The days of jumping in your one position are over.

There's a lot of movement, a lot of deception and a lot of dynamism and that's very different.

In the scrum, the taller second row may be the loosehead lock, which is on the left side of the scrum.

The loose-head tends to move more - he's only bound in on one side, so his left hand is loose, while the tight-head is tightly bound in and pretty stationary. 


The Ruggas 2017 Drafts was done as shown below.

Quagga - Carl Els (Affies)

Shawn - Justin Sadie (Menlo)

BMT - Pierre Pretorius (HJS)

Sabbat - Xavier Haupt (Bellville)

Hooit - Louis Meiring (Outeniqua)

Kattes - Ruben Kotze (WK)

Charl - Aaron Brody (Queens)

Beet - Ollie Calvert-Evers (MHS)

Louis - Breyten Maritz (Paul Roos)

Carl - Elrich Louw (Transvalia)


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