2018 Noord/Suid Tournament


The organisers of the Noord/Suid Tournament announced that Grey College, Monnas and Durbanville was added to the already impressive list of schools who will participate in the 2018 tournament which is provisionally scheduled for the 28th and 31st of March 2018 with the venue still to be announced.

What makes the Noord/Suid Tournament so exciting is that both the 1stXV as well as the seccies participate at the same festival with the matches being played for the full 70 minutes and not the shortened versions used by the other festivals.

Boland Landbou and Grey College will only play one match during the 2018 tournament. The fixture list and venue will be announced in the next two weeks according to the organisers. Exciting news exciting festival.

Barloworld Toyota Menlyn is again the main sponsor of this event.

With the North leading 4-1, they should seal the win against the Southern sides with ease as two victories are almost guaranteed.


Saturday 31 March 2018:

10:30 EG Jansen 43-28 Durbanville

Durbanville showed in their 1st match against Waterkloof that they can compete at this level. Their players are capable to tear any defence apart and their defence kept Waterkloof's potent backline at bay. However, EG Jansen's attack showed against Paarl Gimnasium that it can not only compete at this level it can also destroy the best some of the defence structures in the country. Dylan Schwartz must be one of the best centres in schoolboy rugby and if Durbanville does not pay special attention to him, EG Jansen could be an easy winner. Expect some big hits with exciting backs attacking from all corners on the field. EG Jansen should win this one with relative ease.

Match Report

Durbanville surprised EG Jansen with an immediate attack and scored a converted try within the first five minutes of the first half. Durbanville scored the second try after a break out in their own 22 and stretched the lead to 14-0. EG Jansen at this stage happy to play the territorial game with Durbanville bridging the defence of EG often to force EG back into their own half. EG Jansen got their first points on the board when Piek scored a converted trie after putting a lot of pressure on Durbanville's defence. Durbanville kept the pressure on EG Jansen for most of the match with EG Jansen "lucky" to be behind 28-17 at halftime.

The second half continued in the same manner with EG Jansen's backline looking tired and without any spark. With 20 minutes on the clock, EG Jansen found their second breath and scored two quick tries to take the lead for the first time with 29-28. Then Dylan Schwartz scored a brilliant individual trial with EG's backline starting to find the gaps. EG Jansen winning this match with the expected scoreline but not with the expected ease. Timmens the lock was the well-deserved man of the match.


EG Jansen: Tries: Piek, de Beer, Timmens (2), Schwartz, Potgieter  Conversion: Philander (5)  Penalties: Philander

Durbanville: Tries: Pietersen (2), Pelser, Muggel  Conversion: De Klerk(4)


12:00 Monnas 41-19 Stellenberg

Expect Stellenberg to come out all guns blazing after their disappointing game against Menlopark, fixing all the wrongs of Tuesday. Monnas should be clear favourites for this match if they can repeat their winning rugby on Wednesday against Boland Landbou. Expect Monnas to use their big forwards to run Stellenberg off the field and dominate with their size. However, it must be said if Stellenberg's backline is allowed to attack at will this could become a very close match as Monnas backline did not convince in attack nor defence in the first half against Boland Landbou. Monnas with relative ease to win.

Match Report

Stellenberg scored two early penalties and then Tharquinn scored a try in the corner giving Stellenberg the lead of 13-0. Stellenberg looked the part but Monnas slowly started to take control with their big forwards making several meters with strong carries. Stellenberg did lead at halftime with 13-12 BUT with Monnas in control.

Stellenberg did not read the script as the never gave up although Monnas started to score some excellent tries. Two quick tries saw Monnas taking the lead for the first team after 15 minutes in the second half. Although Monnas scored several tries in this match the winning score of 34-19 does not reflect the play on the field, maybe an injustice by a brave and gutsy Stellenberg. Monnas, however, showing that they are a quality team with few worthy opponents in 2018.


Monnas: Tries: Barnard, Brandon (2), Lategan, Dullisear, Schutte Conversion: Dentink (3)   Penalties: Dentink

Stellenberg: Tries:  Tharquinn  Conversion: Pietersen Penalties: Pietersen (4)


13:30 Paarl Gim 57-20 Waterkloof

Paarl Gymnasium's ability to strangle their opponents with a structured, sometimes dull but very effective game plan will unfortunately not allow Waterkloof to play their natural attacking game. The first half should be a close game but expect Paarl Gym to win this one with 15 - 20 points.

Match Report:

The importance of this match is clear with Waterkloof kicking at the first opportunity and Trollip converting. Paarl Gim struck back immediately and followed that with two other tries against a flat-footed defence. Paarl Gim leading 17-3 after 10 minutes. Waterkloof slowly clawed their way back into the game converting another penalty with 20 minutes on the clock, unfortunately not much reward for their effort. Halftime score 17-13 for Paarl Gimnasium with Waterkloof slowly coming to terms and enjoying the territorial advantage for much of the second half of the first half.

The second half started with Gim starting to find more holes in the defence of Waterkloof and saw Jacobs scoring a very good try early in the second half. Gim scored a second try after wonderful work by their forwards with Hanekom the hooker going over in the corner. Critical mistakes from Waterkloof hands the ball on a regular basis to Paarl Gim who's counter-attacks see them advancing deep into the Waterkloof half every time, with only desperate defence from Waterkloof keeping Gim from scoring regular tries. Gimmies winning at the end with relative ease 57-20 showing their class.


Paarl Gim: Tries: Strauss, Jacobs (2), Swanepoel, Hanekom, Nieuwoudt, Kellerman (2), Beukes  Conversion: Jansen (6)

Waterkloof: Tries: Bolpelo, Lindeque, Alexander  Conversion: Trollip Penalties: Trollip


15:00 Garsfontein 31-43 Grey College

We do not know much of Grey College 2018 apart from their victory against a very competitive Welkom Gim side with 49-12 two weeks ago and with the team sheet as supplied it is only the name of Richard Kriel missing. No confirmation why Richard was not selected could be confirmed. The Grey team for this match is 1) Wessels, 2) Venter, 3)Aggenbach, 4)Cronje, 5) Marais, 6) Gouveia, 7) Gouws, 8) Steenkamp, 9) Braude, 10) du Plessis, 11) Botha, 12) Smith, 13) Vlitoor, 14) Small-Smith, 15) Brits, 16) Vermaak, 17) Matthews, 18) Naude, 19) Dippenaar, 20) le Roux, 21) Janse van Rensburg, 22) Odendaal, 23) Schoeman, 24) Beukes. Many if not all schoolboy coaches would kill to coach this team and the game against Garsfontein will be their first big test for 2018.

The Garsfontein side should be the same as the one that played against Outeniqua and we could expect the same gameplan as used on Wednesday. Keegan Johannes at 10 could be the difference between winning or losing as the backline without him is average at best. Expect Claassens at #9 and Apollis at #13 to also have a major influence on Garsfontein's success. Garsfontein showed against that they have brilliant players coached to perfection and a calmness in defence and on the attack not normally associated with a schoolboy team. Grey should win, but I think Garsfontein may just do it.

Match Report

This eagerly awaited game started with Grey making a mistake from the kickoff. Both sides showing intent in defence and attack. Garsfontein tasted first blood with #8 Snyman who scored a converted try after some great interplay by the Garsfontein. Both sides at this stage using turnover ball after great defence to launch their attacks. No 8 of Grey College Steenkamp was injured and stopped play for several minutes. Garsfontein continued their onslaught on the Grey try line with only desperate defence from Grey keeping them out. After Garsfontein initially enjoyed territorial advantage Grey started to turn the tide and scored in the corner by winger Small-Smith. Another converted try by Grey, after Garsfontein fumbled the ball on their try line levelled the score at 12 all. And then the rain came down.  Grey College continued their territorial advantage with #10 du Plessis controlling the game with his foot, Garsfontein, however, was better off in the front winning the physical battle. Grey College lead 19-12 at halftime mainly due to slick handling by their backline. A brilliant battle between two brilliant sides.

Garsfontein came out in the second half using their big forwards to maintain ball possession and control territory. Grey College's defensive structures kept the Garsfontein at bay and even intimidated them stopping any Garsfontein attack behind the advantage line. Garsfontein guilty in the last 15 minutes of trying to be too physical with the big boys running away from their support. The last 15 minutes, unfortunately, became a free for all with both sides almost scoring at will. Grey deservedly winning this match 43-31 being the cleverer side on attack and defence.


Garsfontein: Tries: Snyman, Appollis(2), van der Merwe, another Conversion: Johannes (3)

Grey College: Tries: Small-Smith, du Plessis, Vlitoor (2), Botha, Brits, Aggenbach  Conversion: du Plessis (6) Penalties:  du Plessis


16:30 Menlopark 20-19 Outeniqua

The perfect match to end one of, if not the Easter Festival in 2018. Menlopark is looking more and more like the dream team with Outeniqua who are desperate to show that they are a better team as the one that was demolished by Garsfontein. Menlopark should win this one with relative ease.

Match Report

Unfortunately, in the final game of this brilliant tournament, Menlopark and Outeniqua decided to change their normal gameplan into a win at all costs one. While both sides certainly gave their best this match will not be remembered for anything. Halftime score was 13 all.

The second half continued in the same manner as the first with both sides satisfied to play between the 22's of both sides. Maybe we were spoilt or maybe it was two very evenly matched team, not faulting the effort of the boys at all. It was, however, the van der Linde show versus the Fortuin show with van der Linde the eventual winner after he scored the winning try and converted it in the last seconds of the day. Menlopark winning 20-19.


Menlopark: Tries: van der Line (2)  Conversion: van der Linde (2)  Penalties: van der Linde (2)

Outeniqua: Tries: van Huysteen Conversion: Fortuin Penalties: Fortuin (4)


Wednesday 28 March 2017:

Waterkloof 22-17 Durbanville

Waterkloof did not convince yet this season losing 39-11 against Helpmekaar as well as 25-30 against Transvalia at the Bulls Prestige evening. Durbanville's season also not that convincing with a loss against Paarl Gim 0-38 after two easy wins at the Boland Lanbou Rugby day. Waterkloof should win this as their loss against Helpmekaar not reflected in the score having to play most of the match with 14 players but showed a lot of fighting spirit. Waterkloof with relative ease.

Match Report

Despite the hot conditions, both sides showed their intent to run with every ball they receive. Juandre de Klerk cut the defence of Waterkloof in two for a brilliant individual try after some poor defence from Waterkloof to give Durbanville an early lead. After the first try of de Klerk Durbanville started to take the initiative and camped in the 25 of Waterkloof for a good 10 minutes after the first try. In the last 10 minutes, Waterkloof came back into the game with only desperate defence from Durbanville keeping Waterkloof from scoring several times. The halftime score with Durbanville leading 10-8 a true reflection of the first half's action.

Waterkloof started the second half throwing the ball around at every opportunity scoring an early try to take the lead 14-10. MJ Janse van Rensburg the spark in this Waterkloof team does need to be mentioned, he lead in defence and attack and was deservedly named the man of the match. After the initial onslaught from Waterkloof early in the second half, Durbanville started to attack and as in the first half camped for long periods in Waterkloof's 25. With 10 minutes on the clock, Durbanville levelled the score with 17 all and it was game on. Waterkloof scored the match-winning try with 5 minutes on the clock to win a close match, maybe a bit lucky but a win is a win.


Waterkloof: Tries: Janse v Rensburg, Pretorius, Knoetze  Conversions: Trollip (2) Penalty: Trollip

Durbanville:  Tries: De Klerk, Miggel  Conversions: De Klerk (2)  Penalty: Titus


Garsfontein 50-22 Outeniqua

Outeniqua is sais not to be that competitive this year but still should be a Top 20 school face a hurt and injured Garsfontein. Garsfontein played five matches already beating Voortrekker Bethlehem 45-0 at the Bulls Prestige Day,  EG Jansen 35-15, Boland Landbou 24-20 and Kempton Park 18-8 with their only loss against a rampant Transvalia 31-48. Garsfontein, however, will be able to use their u/19 players today and should be the winner but expect an Outeniqua team wanting to prove me wrong.

Match Report

The match started with two heavyweights of South African schoolboy rugby trying to dominate physically with their backlines kicking for possession. Garsfontein's pack dominant in the scrums with their defence rock solid stopping all Qoteniqua's attacking attempts. Garsfontein taking control of the game in the early stages of the match with their forwards very dominant. Although Outeniqua had their moments in the first half Garsfontein showed their class in manhandling the smaller Outeniqua team. A special mention must be made of Keegan Johannes who is getting the backline away with speed and precision. Keegan's transformation from scrumhalf to flyhalf a definite stroke of genius from the Garsfontein coaches. Garsfontein strolling at 31-8 at halftime.

Garsfontein continued in the second half where they stopped in the first half, dominating an Outeniqua team who did not stop trying but unfortunately ................... Outeniqua camped in Garsfontein's 25 in the last 15 minutes but unfortunately, Garsfontein content to defend and relax. Garsfontein won 50-22. Keegan Johannes named the man of the match.


Garsfontein: Tries:  Austin, Snyman (2), Johannes, Calitz, Claassens, Lerm, Appollis    Conversions:  Johannes (5)

Outeniqua:  Tries: Gaffley, Robinson, another. Conversions: Fortuin (2)  Penalty: Fortuin


EG Jansen 32-54 Paarl Gimnasium

Paarl Gim only playing on day 1 of this tournament, only match of the season so far was their convincing victory against Durbanville last week with 38-0. EG Jansen's season started with a loss to Garsfontein 15-35 followed by two victories. The first was against Frikkie Meyer with 30-15 and then the win against Nelspruit with 40-15. EG Jansen may be the underdog but everybody knows the fighting spirit of the Jansies.

Match Report

EG Jansen started the match content to play the percentage game establishing an early lead of 3-0, taking every opportunity to put points on the board. Both teams content in the early exchanges to wait for opportunities to take advantage. EG Jansen showing some calmness we are not used to with Paarl Gim playing the boring, winning game we got used to. Defence on both sides sub-par with both sides scoring with ease, unfortunately. Halftime had Paarl Gim leading 28-24 with no clear winner at this stage.

The second half saw EG Jansen applying a lot more pressure on Paarl Gim with two possible tries not scored due to desperate defence. Unfortunately, this match became a dull affair with both teams too "scared" to take unnecessary risks. Paarl Gim winning with "ease" but unfortunately more of a "touchies" game than anything else. Man of the match goes to Dylan Schwartz of EG Jansen after scoring a hat-trick of tries.


Paarl Gimnasium: Tries: Hanekom (2), Jacobs (2) , Kellerman(2), Swanepoel, Nieuwoudt Conversions: Jansen (7)  Penalty: 

EG Jansen:  Tries: Schwartz (3), Enslin Conversions: Fillander(3)  Penalty: Fillander (2)


Monnas 26-25 Boland Landbou

Monnas not convincing at all this year struggling to a 10-5 victory against Welkom Gym at the Bulls Prestige Evening, the draw of 31 all against Transvalia and then seemingly finding some rhythm beating Pietersburg 73-3. Boland Landbou, on the other hand, outplayed Menlopark with 45-10 at the Bulls Prestige Evening and lost a close game against Garsfontein with 20-24. Where Monnas seems to struggle with their backline Boland Landbou should win this as they are able to combine their powerful forwards with fast and slick handling backs. Will we see the struggling Monnas? Then Boland with relative ease.

Match Report

Boland Landbou scored 3 tries before Monnas had time to build up a sweat beating the Wit Bulle of Krugersdorp with blistering speed and sublime handling. After the initial blitzkrieg, Monnas started to put together some phases but the lack of rhythm in their backline showing and costing them attacking opportunities. Monnas back in the game trialling 12-22 at halftime with Boland Landbou guilty of allowing the game to lose its structure.

Monnas started the second half attacking from any place on the field. Their backline showing more life with the introduction of Wentlink on 10. The dangerous forwards of Monnas started to come into action with Schutte and kie carrying the ball with purpose. Monnas scored the winning try after continued pressure with eight minutes left on the clock. Monnas almost lost the match 4 minutes in extra time when Hendricks missed a penalty to win the match for Boland Landbou. The final score of 26-25 a true reflection of the match. Man of the match no 2 Morne Brandon.


Boland Landbou: Tries: Baard, Van der Merwe, De Klerk, Lambrecht Conversions: Mills  Penalty: Hendricks

Monnas:  Tries: Coetzee (2), Esterhuizen, Schutte  Conversions: Lategan, Wentlink (2)


Menlopark 42-10 Stellenberg

Menlopark started their dream season with a loss of 10-45 against Boland Landbou at the Bulls Prestige evening. They then scored victories although still not convincing against Rustenburg 32-28 and Nelspruit 17-14. Last weekend they were brilliant in defeating  Eldoraigne 74-5 in a one-sided match. Stellenberg did not have the start to the season they would have hoped for losing to Drostdy HTS 19-36. However, this scoreline should be warning enough for anybody in the know as Drostdy HTS should be close to a Top 10 team in 2018.

Match Report

The first 10 minutes of the game was a scrappy affair with both teams looking for space for their backs to attack in. Menlopark scored the first try after camping in Stellenberg's 25 for 5 minutes. Both teams taking every opportunity to score with Menlopark, who enjoyed territorial advantage, just deserving their lead at the end of the 1st half using their chances to score better than the team from Stellenberg. Menlopark leading 16-3 at halftime.

Kienan Wessels, #15 of Menlopark's individual try early in the second half stretched Menlopark's lead to 21-3. With both teams reduced to 14 players, Stellenberg scored their 1st try of the match after some good teamwork with the forwards and backs combining to send #11 Tharquinn over in the corner. The second half was played with both sides intent on attack, but unfortunately not showing enough patience in building a good platform to attack from. A good win for Menlopark who will approach their match against Outeniqua on Saturday a lot more positive.

Man of the match Marcelle Mombers the number 6 of Menlopark.


Menlopark: Tries: van der Linde (2), Venter, Wessels, Oosthuizen, Baloyi Conversions: van der Linde (2)  Penalties: van der Linde (2)

Stellenberg:  Tries: Tharquinn  Conversions: Petersen Penalty: Petersen



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